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Portion Control Scale Submersible
Portion Control Scale Submersible IP67 (Detecto WPS12) (WPS12)

Detecto's Mariner® IP67 washdown portion control scale is submersible underwater for easy clean up that is necessary in messy food service industry applications. The NSF Mariner® saves time and helps reduce the risk of bacteria harboring in the nooks and crannies of the scale by providing complete submersion when washing for sanitary environments. The scale's digital speed and accuracy means you'll be able to view weights instantly with up to a fine 0.1 ounce accuracy. The compact scale takes up only a conservative amount of counter space: 7.5" Wide x 9.75" Deep.

  • Instantly displays weight in both decimals and fractions
  • 1.2" High backlit LCD
  • High/Low Check weighing with Audible Oven/Under Alert
  • Tare function to remove the weight of a food container
  • Toggle through six different weight capacity display options
  • The all stainless steel body prevents corrosion and keeps water from reaching its more delicate working parts
  • The NSF certified stainless steel scale offers a dual power source of rechargeable battery power or 120V AC adapter (included) with a watertight AC plug on the side. The automatic shutoff feature helps conserve battery life
  • Capacity: 12 lob. x 0.1 oz.
  • Platform Dimensions: 7.5" Wide x 6.75" Deep
Submersible Portion Control Scale
Solar Powered Hanging Scale
Hanging Scale Solar Powered (Detecto SCS30) (SCS30)

Detecto's exclusive digital solar hanging scale is powered completely by light and never requires battery replacement. NTEP approved legal for trade making it ideal for grocery stores, framers markets, hardware stores and roadside produce stands where customers pay by weight. The 30 lb. capacity and 0.02 lb divisions offer you pinpoint measurement accuracy. The bold 2-inch-high LCD displays instant digital readouts. A stainless steel produce pan, hanging assembly, and two S-hooks are included, so the solar-powered scale is ready to use right out of the box, just add light.

  • Exclusive solar powered design for optimal efficiency
  • 30 lb. / 15 kg capacity for versatile weighing use.
  • Never replace a battery - completely solar powered.
  • NTEP legal for trade
  • Easy to operate no buttons to press
Solar Powered Hanging Scale
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